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#114702 - She moved futher down my body kissing my belly until she was kneeling between my thighs, she undid my shorts and I raised my arse so she could remove my shorts & thong, then she started kissing & licking right up to the top of my inner thighs teasing my now very wet pussy with gentle kisses, it was driving me so wild that I grabbed the back of her head & pushed her face into my pussy while raising my hips to push my pussy against her tongue she licked & sucked on my hairless pussy , now I’d fingered myself several times & even used the handle of my brush while alone in my bedroom to make myself cum, but I couldn’t believe what she was doing to me I was tingling all over, I had so much fluid running out of my pussy I even thought I’d pissed myself there was so much of it, then she started fingering me while still licking me, first I guess she was using two fingers she was pushing them as far inside me as she could but she wasn’t doing it gently, but like she was trying to reach right up

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Pecorine | eustiana von astraea
That fuckin british accent throws me off like for fuck sake why don t just put the queen in there
Meiko shiraki
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Beautiful body baby