#194426 - During the preceding weeks we continued to talk to Sally and Peter on Skype, and one evening I had been talking to Peter when he had to duck off to the kitchen but was intending to come back in five minutes, so I left Skype on and picked up the local paper for a quick read, Jan had taken herself off to the bathroom earlier suggesting that she wanted to have a shower and paint her nails before bed as she had a work lunch function to attend the next day. Barker before she started to speak asking me how I enjoyed the spa. However, I think we should try a few things first before we get into to playing with others, don’t you? “What do you mean Jim?” Well, we should do some more fucking, and trying different positions like we did tonight, in fact if you think you want to share with Peter and Sally I want for us to spend next weekend together and you have to promise to do everything I say for the whole weekend, if you resist I will punish you if you are a good girl and do each thing I ask,

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