#295259 - Sounds great replied Jan as she walked into the lounge room Closing the blinds to the early afternoon sun, then turning on the TV too the sounds of two boys well into a sixty nine position pleasuring each other; Jan called out to Jim, who’s been watching porn eh? That would be me said Jim as entered the room with two glasses of McLaren Vale shiraz offering one to Jan, I was missing you so much yesterday I had a quite night in and watched some porn, jacked off & went to bed early, how did you spend your evening sweetie, getting pissed with Sally?, and how was your trip? Jan climbed up on Jims lap, snuggled into him and said well I hope you’re alright about this love and I had better give you all the details so you understand how things evolved towards the final situation I found myself in as we’ve always agreed to only play together and sadly I’ve broken that agreement this weekend, please I love you and now I’m worried you will be upset with me. At this point Jim spoke up, like I sa

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