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#149005 - Now, said Vicki, as I was saying, what do you want to do now, Teri??? Teri licked her lips hungrily and answered softly, I want to eat her pussy! Vicki motion for Minh Su to lie down on the couch and to spread her legs, her entire body was a wet dream come to life, with her pussy lips bulging full, an easy indicator that Minh Su was in a state of high sexual tension. Teri found out that Vicki had never married, and had basically lived the life of the idle rich, a trust fund baby by way of her father's oil company. The nipple's reaction was not lost on either woman, and Vicki commented, Nothing's changed in all these years has it, you still can't help yourself when you're around me can you,n while Teri whimpered softly, her vagina now a literal sieve of cunt juice.

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