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#347898 - The teacher removed the gag, I would never beg, I have dreamed of this day all my life and now I will finally get the sharp end of a spit, Musha wants it also! Kamiko said as soon as the gag was removed, Musha tried to smile and show she agreed with Kamiko but with her gag holding back her smile she could only blush and beg the teacher to remove her gag as well with her eye's. AH OH, when they little Wahine's what be late, being made lunch the headmaster said standing behind Ranma and Akane watching the five unlucky girls as they were being taken to the cafeteria, or were they the lucky ones?, some of the un stamped girls definitely thought they were. You better now Akane? Ranma asked as he stuffed a large bite of Kamiko's pussy fillet into his mouth, Ya but im still freaked out by the whole wanting to be cooked thing she replied taking a bit of fillet off Ranma's plate and eating it without even thinking about it, For someone with a problem about s

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