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#249999 - when she left the room and sh was screaming in the room so i say well i no very inportant now and she said well im gunna tell om and dad and i said no dont do that ill show you what i was doing to sis ok come to my room so we go to my room and i tell her to get naked so she did and me and her layed on the bed and i told her to stick that long stick by my legs onto her mouth so she when't over and started to suck on my cock and i told her not to use her teeth so i bringer back up to the top of the bed and tell her to open her legs and i put my tough into her pussy and start to swirl it around and my sis asks why does this feel goos but and she starts to scream as i swirl my touch faster and faster then i stop and get up and get my cock and put it on her pussy and ask her can i put this in you and she sayed is that what you did to Brittany and i said yes so she said ok do it and i slowly put my cock into her pussy and i say wow your pussy is very tight like Brittany so i go

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