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#303682 - I just went back and sat in the chair mind all wondering just what to hell Snake Lady was going to do now!! Suddenly through the hallway I heard motion of foot steps coming down it and something sounded like it was rolling like wheels on a wood floor coming right up to the door and stopping. I didn't touch her or anything I just looked! Well she just came right on in now and said if you want to look at something look at this as she shoved her hips out and there tied to mound area in another smaller strap on was swinging this really long dark pink colored Pig Cock yes it was a damn pig cock the tip exactly like one all corkscrewed about a third way down the really long and I mean long shaft that hung damn near to Snake Ladies knees!! she put some cover back over the dick and there hanging between her damn legs was these huge ass sack of balls so damn big it made her walk bow legged into the room and right up to me and said impressive isn't it!! As she went on walki

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