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#215058 - I looked into the video camera now being held by one guy, all kinds of camera flashes were going off, some of the guys were naked or in underwear, my girlfriends were in stages of undress or naked, one guy yelled ‘’see I knew Mike was going to ass fuck her’’ I was turning red, hurting , and felt so humiliated Sabine came over and sat in front of me with her legs open I could see her pussy hair all wet and shining, she pushed my head into her pussy and said lick it, I could smell her musk, I started to lick her it was real creamy and salty, when I realized her pussy was full of cum, she had been fucked and someone shot a load of cum in her, now I was cleaning it up, I was licking and sucking her pussy for all I was worth when Mike grunted and thrust really hard in my ass as he emptied his cum into my ass, I feel flat on to the bed for a couple of minutes when Melanie pushed my ass cheeks apart so they could film and take photos of my fresh fucked ass and cunt, the guys helped me up off

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