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#4093 - He kept fucking me for a long time, so hard and fast the tissues of my asspussy started to numb, my head grew dizzy because I couldn’t catch my breath since it was being forced from me every other second. “Mmmhm” she purred “Do that nice and slow…” as I did I could feel a wet spot forming on my thigh where her cockhead slid around my thigh and pre-cum oozed through her dress onto me. A few days later a temporary reprieve came when Carol needed to go to New York City for three weeks to manage the business and I could figure my way out of this mess, but they had the video of Jake and me and things couldn’t get any worse, or so I thought.

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Sexy love that dirty ass
Kaede saitou
Ending actually fuckin scared me lol that sound blaring my fuckin ear canal out of no where
Setsuna meioh
Mrxd 047 yuu shinoda