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#32884 - The music was loud, its tempo was wild, the strobe light was flashing very fast, Gail moans mixed with those flowing from the speakers, my own groans also mixed with those from the speakers. I was certain that they were now sitting on pins and needles anxiously awaiting the climax of our act, so that they could lust on each others wives and husbands, for not one married couple sat together since they had come down into the basement and apart they would remain until after the orgy, providing our performance is good enough to stir them into an orgiastic frenzy, perhaps somewhere in the jungle of bodies and heat of the orgy a husband and wife will get together for a brief moment. I too made sure that when I duck down the audience had the best view of my butt or groin.

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Hikaru shindo
Whats the girl in the reds name
Dammn he sexy af
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Sexy body
Amazing scenes