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#8522 - I waited for him to finish then sat up over Kerry's face, with one good push, his cum shot out over her face, I just love seeing this happen to any woman, Kerry ate some but most went over her , so turning, Lyn and myself kissed and licked her face clean, Frank stuck his cock in her mouth for her to suck him dry too. It was while we rested I told her Kerry now knew I was fully bi, and wanted to join us with Lewis and his mate next time, I look of disappointment came on Lyn's face, she told me she had wanted them both to herself, but if Kerry was ok watching, and maybe be fucked later, she was cool with it.

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Daisaku kusama
Because you know that this type of porn really isnt normal and is just providing a rush of dopamine for a small amount of time while also creating unrealistic expectations for sex making relationships harder and harder to have
Hachizaemon takeya
She is one of my favorites hot and dirty just something about her