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#337240 - Joe turns to face Maryse who is regarding him with a seductive smile “You play like that at the club and I’m sure we will be the double team champions” She grins and set the stick on the table, Joe pulls her into his arms and kiss her hard, her arms snake around his waist and hold him tight as she kisses him back, her lips opening for his exploring tongue. “Thanks Joe” Pete leans in closer “I must say that it seems you are a very good influence on her, she seems genuinely happy for the first time in a long time” Joe smiles “She is a great girl, she deserves it” Pete smiles back at Joe, Joe takes his change and turns to open the door for Maryse “Good bye uncle Pete” “’Bye uncle Pete” “Take care kids, see you again” They continue their walk, Maryse drinking her milkshake, she looks thoughtful and Joe just find that little frown on her face when she thinks so adorable “What are you thinking Reese?” She looks up at him “When last did we have se

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