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#999 - old not big but I could tell she was developing one. I turned and asked whats up She asked me very quickly what I knew about sex I asked her what she need to know she was too young she said some guy where talking to her on line and wanted to know if she want to have sex she said she wanted to learn about it because in school all they teach is the science part and notin practical that she need to know I told that she was too young to start learning about that She seemed a little pissed off and angry at me then she stood up and walked over to the computer I had noticed that was getting a slight boner She called me over to her about 5 min later and asked me if I could tell her something I almost for got what happened 5 mins ago and to my surprise she started to play a porn on the computer I was amazed it was a girl no older than her getting fucked who papered to be her father on what looked like a home video. It was far to cold for the pool.

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