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#297638 - “But… but you s-said… you said that you’d do that later!” she was almost whining with frustration! “I changed my mind!” I told her with another chuckle, taunting her purposely! It felt like my cock was actually getting bigger and harder inside that wonderful little cunt of hers! What a wild fucking turn-on it was! “Pllllllleeeeeeeassssssse… fuck me, Lesley! Fuck me and make me come! Pllllllleeeeeeeassssssse…” “Well, I guess I can fuck you! But, I still won’t let you come before I want you to. Now, you’re cherry’s gone, and that’s a fact; how did you lose it?” “Well, nobody’s ever fucked me. Ever since she’s been 5 years-old, Jessica has been coming over on Saturdays and Sundays (during the spring) with her two best friends, Dana and Lexi, to use my swimming pool to frolic in the water and lay-out in the sun to get an early start on their tans.

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It was interesting and cute