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#200731 - I was stripped naked then laid on the bed she put a film in the video and told me to watch it closely then disappeared into the bathroom, the film was of a couple in an apartment, l had seen a few pornos, but unlike this film as the woman was confessing to misbehaving so the man whipped and slapped her, along with other punishment. Her inside felt soft warm and spongy, l clenched my fist, Julia started fucking herself, her pussy began making squelching noises the harder she slammed downwards, watching Julia’s pussy so closely brought my cock to life we didn’t make it to the bed l pulled my fist from her firm pussy causing Julia to let out an “ouch!” then grabbing her hand l pulled her down onto the bathroom floor she opened her legs, l got between them and rammed my shaft straight up into her wet stretched pussy to begin fucking her hard and very fast. Julia rolled onto her back with her head over the side of the bed she licked and sucked my cock then lifted her knees and spread them

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