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#321247 - Smallville water plant, she answered, may I help you? Trying to disguise his voice in the event this didn't work out, Harry whispered hoarsely, If you wanna get fucked, go to the old store room on the second floor and take off you clothes, I'll be there in ten minutes!!! Not waiting for her answer, Harry hung up the phone and made a beeline for the store room, hoping against all hope that she would come running! He ducked into an vacant office just down the hall from the store room and waited. He rolled down his window, and much to his surprise, a female officer stood by his door and said, You were doing forty five in a thirty mile and hour zone. After about ten minutes he was just about to give up when all of a sudden there she was, striding forcefully towards the store room!!! She opened the door and disappeared inside, which left Harry with a dilemma, what if she was setting a tr?ap for him! Jesus, she was beautiful, he thought, it's worth the risk, and an

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