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#26417 - Rimming is one of my favorite porn categories but usually lesbian or tranny, i didnt spend much time licking him and tried to go back to sucking his cock. I was told to stop in a controlling but easy voice, he wanted to stand up so i moved back so he could, he changed positions and got on all fours on his couch with his ass in the air, he pushed his cock back towards me and i followed without hesitation. I was still stitting on the toilet and was mouth fed again my his cock until the effects of the enema were finished, ask i was sucking him off he asked if i wanted to bend over for him, we worked out this was too hard where i was and we went into another room, the curtains were closed and the light's were off, he led me onto the bed and repositioned my body into all fours, he worked his lubed figers in my ass, i wasnt new to anal and regularly using toys helped, he teased his cock over my ass a few times and started to enter me, i was slowly assfucked with just the head of his cock

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Very good
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