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#320566 - I go back into the kitchen to put things away when the doorbell rings, I answer the door to find Karen standing there “hi Steve, did I leave a cake pan here?” “uhh, I don’t think so but you’re welcome to look…come on in” I close the door behind her and watch her cute little ass as she walks down the hall to the kitchen “you want another drink Karen” “sure Steve, but are you sure you’re not trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me are you?” I pour her a drink and hand it to her, “I wouldn’t want to get you drunk to take advantage of you…I promise” I tell her, she takes a sip and looks at me over the rim of the glass and says “why…. maybe hang out with you, and if I can, could I invite my friend Charlie over?”. stud!” with a sexy wink as she went to get her clothes on, I went about cleaning things up, went up to my room, changed the bedding, and proceeded to sleep the sleep of the sexually contented.

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Aika sumeragi
Is there more of this
Honey love she does a dp creampie with jon dough and mark davies in another hentai
Nanami yasuri
This the first vid i seen from u i hella liked it ur frens mom is so hot i like women like her i would fucc her hard n long