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#161291 - Before I can even get my bearings he picks me up with his strong arms and carries me to the couch. “Go on then, bend down and suck my cock like a good little boy ok?” Chad demands and I nod my head quickly as I drop to my knees, I’m just inches in front of his cock now and it’s still growing! It must be at least 7 inches by now and very thick! Before I even have a chance to think Chad walks forward and pushes his cock into my open mouth, he moans in pleasure and suddenly everything that has just happened hits me as I close my mouth around the head of his cock and start to suck. I yell in pain but Chad doesn’t seem to care as he pulls back and shoves his 8 inches back into me again! This is exactly what I want, to be fucked like a little slut and Chad is not disappointing as he starts to slam his 8 inches into me over and over at a steady rate.

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Shino asada | sinon
She has great hips and butt wish we could see more of her
Shes going to heaven for sure this the best blowjob i have ever seen