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#233700 - we never left sweetheart we were simply biding our time with others, your too preaty and too good of a toy to give up becuase you have been such a good girl we decied to come back we will give you a few days to recoop before starting up again. Velvet looked at his penis and then back at her sleeping mother and weakly said Alright. the pup finnally got enough courage and slowly took his cock in her mouth, it was large and continued to get bigger and harder, however as lengethened and widened she felt her mouth open wider to the point it couldnt any more as his cock continued to expand.

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Minato nagase
This is some good stuff so hot if you decide to make another facesitting hentai how about facing the other way thatd be fantastic cheers
Kasen kanesada
God damn that as is nice