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#249557 - An electric wheel chair arrived the following month, I had enough movement in my hand to allow me to get about, but the girls kept me naked (with a towel over my lap) and the sides removed from the chair (I was strapped to the back) so they could jump on me at will, it did not take long and Janice and Carmen advised they were pregnant, suddenly I am about to have five kids. The following week there was a family meeting three of the girls (the three youngest) had missed their periods, excuse me, had no-one ever thought of contraception, so here I am getting screwed by everyone and now three of my sisters-in-law are pregnant, oh happy days, I spoke to the girls asking them if it may be a good idea if they at least used condoms from here, they all shook their heads, if I could get the three youngest pregnant, I could get the rest done as well, seems they all wanted a child, and they all decided me being the dad was ok, I was beginning to worry about this family.

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