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#349488 - My sister was telling me that as a girl I was going to be attracted to guys, but as a guy I would still be attracted to females. I tend to go with the flow on a lot of things and since I had seen it with my own eyes, and luckily, in the confines of my own house, I was strangely okay with it. I looked at her, and noticed the breasts that had grown on me overnight and screamed, “NO! I’M NOT ALRIGHT! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ME! WHERE’S MY DICK? WHERE ARE MY BALLS? I WENT TO BED AS A GUY AND WOKE UP AS A GIRL AND YOU WANT TO ASK ME IF I’M ALRIGHT.

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Camui gackpo
Super deep throat
Maihime tenkawa
I live down the street from that bowling alley