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#329902 - “I couldn’t believe how it felt, I came like 3 times” Laura laughed “And had the best sleep I had for years!” Tally laughed loudly and took Laura’s hand in hers on the table “Now you know how good it can be you should try it with that thing in your wardrobe Lau” Tally said with a smile as she looked into Laura’s brown eyes “I’m not sure Tally, it’s well big,” she said grinning at her friend “So what, come on we’ve all done it before, it will be fine” Tally said laughing before Laura told her to keep it down before she has the attention of everyone in the café. Basically it was just some helpful advice, Laura skimmed until she saw what the suction cup was for, it said that you could stick the dildo to objects to leave your hands free while you used it, Laura thought about where you may stick it and laughed dropping the paper she rubbed her hand over the long shaft. “Ok here we go” Laura set the washing machine to spin cycle, all that was needed was her to push the star

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