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#299555 - None of the flats above me could see my place, and there were only a couple of small high windows in the apartments behind me - an unusual situation, but the centres were full of a mix of old and new, and I was lucky enough to have that privacy - I lived in more public places where things happened, but those are for future stories. One day as I was genuinely cleaning the windows wearing only a pair of shorts, I noticed she stopped for longer in her balcony and fiddled with some plants, or was she only pretending, as it just didn't seem natural movements ? Over the next week or so I tried different things and times, and was sure she was looking over at me intentionally, so I decided one day to up the stakes a bit. Finally, remember this is a true story and I know I could have tried to fuck her, she could have flashed her tits at me and so on, but there was no way of knowing if her husband had mafia connections for example, so it happened the way it happened.

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