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#49379 - It seemed Sasha had taken the day off for a surprise lunch, while l got ready, she noticed a pair of knickers on the bed and picked them up stretching the waist band declaring they were not hers then said ‘your fucking Tina, your sister’, l didn’t answer at first then said she was being stupid, but l could see Sasha wasn’t convinced, we left the flat and walked into town. On the way to my place Sasha said she didn’t want to go back if Martin was going to punch her, she didn’t mind the slapping, so when l went into work l told him what Sasha had said and he did say he went a bit too far. As my sister got closer to her orgasm her groans turned to begging telling me not to stop, Sasha was finger fucking herself with her other hand, l yelled ‘lm cumin’ and pulled my sister onto my cock and began filling her inside with every drop of spunk that was in my balls, when they were empty l released my hold on her hips and she sprang forward squashing poor Sasha.

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