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#364310 - Four limp dicked cowboys murmured their goodbyes and thanks. I told her that was great because there was a boxing match my buddies wanted to watch She seemed to smile when I told her I would be busy I followed her back to the town with the dance club that night She parked in front of a typical tract house The pickup was in the driveway I watched as she went up the walkway She had on tight jeans, 4” heels and a form fitting long sleeve top cut way down in front Carol had a large Victoria Secret bag on her arm Just after she disappeared into the house another pickup arrived with three guys in it They were in high spirits, loud and boisterous I just missed being seen by them After they entered, I went through the side gate to reconnoiter The kitchen window was open and I could hear and see the room they were in The guys were sitting on the couch and drinking beer Carol was at the dinner table with her bag Are you guys ready for the fashion show? The cowboys cheered C

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