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#382276 - “She is very rattled by the touch of a man” “I know she may not ever be the same again” “You know I could give her passion unknown to her make her mine forever but I will not” “Because of Florence right?” “Partly but mostly because it would be wrong” “Ah yes good point shall we use the confessional booth or would you like to talk out here?” “Hmmmmmmm it is a little stuffy in the booth so out here shall suffice” “Where were we with you?” “Ah yes I had just been turned into a vampire by her” “Should I order pizza?” “If you are hungry then order some” “What about you?” “I shall join you” “But what of your diet?” He leaned in and said “The Hell with it” and chuckled then pulled out his black RAZR, ordered it and twenty minutes later a young gentleman wearing a blue uniform shirt that read Domino’s on the left side and brown pants by Calvin Klein by the cut of them and brand new Adidas sneakers and Domino’s hat on backwards he handed Father Shannonwell three squares: two pizza

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