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#151169 - Maybe she had gone into the kitchen when I was upstairs with Alice and hadn’t wanted the neighbours to see her naked, maybe she just felt shy. But I have bills to pay and I am not retraining as a psychologist to explain to endless women that they need to separate an emotional need for love with a desire to be dominated and humiliated. So I know what you are thinking I am one of those a fabled male prostitutes, a good looking guy that spends his life kneeling between old women’s legs tasting fish and smelling talcum powder Well no that’s not me I am fat, smell a bit (especially when it is hot) and I work as a dominator but only in the evenings, by day I am just another sad office worker You see there are a lot of women out there that liked being spanked or caned Probably similar to the male judges and politicians that enjoy spending their evenings dressing up in women’s clothes.

Read Spoon 殘酷な抱擁 - Slam dunk Teenies 殘酷な抱擁

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Keine kamishirasawa
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Elucia de lute ima
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My goal in life is to take dicks like this
Kazumi yoshida
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