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#83006 - “Well good luck with the Jen situation mate, lets hope she’s back soon before the grade point average drops…”, we shared a smile “Oh she’ll be back” I whispered, “Even if I have to go get the bitch myself…” “So did the test say I'm pregnant?” I asked outright, Mrs K replied with a simple nod as she got up, and walked away. I woke up to find myself strapped into the bed-like machine, I could hear my mother in the room opposite screaming, I knew she was in the house, they had brought her here shortly after they had brought me, to make sure she didn’t report me missing to the police, I haven't ever met my father… My mother went quiet; god knows what Mrs K was doing to her. I realised his hands where cupping my breasts quite gently, he was forced to do so, and I could feel my nipples where hard and my clit was becoming very sensitive to Lee’s strokes.

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This is truly amazing work and a lot can be learned for amatures and pros alike simply beautiful sexual art this is how sex and anal should be done