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#238940 - Giving a description of the device and how the controls operated, Vera then did something that stunned everyone there, including Claire, as Vera Lane very casually slid down her black panties, sat down on a folding chair and stuck the buzzing machine into her hot pussy!!! That brought gasps from the crowd, but soon the loudest sounds were coming from Vera Lane herself! Moving the dick like object in and out of her pussy, she began to moan in obvious pleasure, and it soon became evident that she intended to cum right there in front of every one!!! Claire's own pussy was now leaking like a sieve and her panties were becoming drenched with her cunt juice! God she wished she had that thing in her pussy!!! As Vera continued to work her pussy, two of her models, Pam and Ingrid, came out of the changing room. Well, the more the merrier, she thought, as she walked quickly up the walk to the large imposing red front door. She was running late as usual! Claire just couldn't seem to

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