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#139035 - then after i had eaten i went for a shower then grabbed a towel and rapped my self in it and went to get changed in blairs room but when i got ther i couldnt find my bag so i asked finona if she new were it was she said to me in a sly voice that it was in her room. as i got off the couch bliar mum (fiona is her name) came over to me and asked if i wanted some hot cakes i said yess and made my way to the table she put the plate in front of me and her boobs rubbed against my neck i didnt no if she ment this or not but i liked it lol. this story is about my friend bliar and his mum welll it was the start of the christmas holidays and my parents were had to go away for business and i had to stay at my friend bliars house when i arived his mum greeted me with a friendly hello and a wave she was in the garden gardaning i caould see her g string comeing up from her pants me and my friends have always given bliar a hard time about his mum about wanting to fuck her but for the

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Koneko toujou
I love lap dancing u are the best really if u do that when im watching u my heart literally is beating fast
Keith goodman
This was fire
Marcille donato
Mob psycho