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#41210 - Then it was my turn to get up and leave, which I did I am straight and have had girlfriends but would I turn down the opportunity to go through something like that again? Certainly not! I guess that makes me bi huh?. So I started rubbing and sucked deep and hard making myself gag a few times in the process, I did this for around 50 seconds and then he let out a big groan and I felt the huge, hot thick load spurt into my young mouth, I loved it! Nearly choking on his huge load I spat some out just to breath which landed onto his cock which I still had gripped tightly. I was not too embarrassed about my cock as I have a average or normal sized uncut cock.

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He got the fucking boomerang dick
Naoko akagi
The actress playing the daughter could have at least put some kind of effort into her performance