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#213010 - When he was finished with her purse, he turned his attention back to her. Her hand became a blur on his shaft, flying up and down at an incredible rate of speed, only matched by the fingers on her other hand that were busy finger fucking her hot slit! The first blast of cum that hit the back of Paula's throat caused her pussy to contract and send an orgasm ripping through her loins while her mouth was being flooded with hot cum, and that only drove Paula into a higher sexual frenzy! It was getting dark outside, and her husband would now start looking for her, although calling the police might not be on the agenda quite yet. Drinks, dinner, and the opera, if she could just get through the day, she might even get to enjoy the evening! She wheeled into the bank parking lot and practically ran through the front door and into the main lobby, and thankfully, for once there wasn't a line, so she went directly to the teller window and withdrew two hundred fifty dollars.

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