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#256937 - What was she going to do, all she could do was hope it didn’t go that far … it wasn’t even her fault, she didn’t cheat on her husband, she was raped by the blacksmith and now she was being blackmailed for being raped … if she had only told her husband what had happened, “why didn’t she?” she thought, now it was too late and she was trapped. “This is a beautiful arrangement” the milkman said breaking the silence as he watched her pump her fingers into her pussy, “you’re depraving yourself for me so I keep your dirty little slutty secrets, but now I have this encounter to add to the list of sexual acts you’ve performed for your husband’s employees that you don’t want him finding out about”. One arm reached down to cover her pussy with her hand, the other arm stretched across her breasts but managed to hide little more than her pink areola.

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