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#96905 - Nah, either one's fine with me, by the way, she went on, did you get a load of the purser, what a knock out!!! Mo nodded her head and added, From what I've seen so far, all of the crew, including the captain are women, there won't be a single male on board for the whole cruise! Alllll---right, said and enthused Ronnie, a whole boat full of lezzies, I can hardly wait!!! While indelicately put, what Ronnie had said was exactly true, this was a cruise that was put together for bi or lesbian women! There were to be no men on board at all, so that if the female guests wanted to, they could roam the ship entirely in the buff, and while overt acts of sex in public were discouraged, Mo had heard from other ladies who had previously taken the cruise, that on more than one occasion they had personally seen some serious pussy licking taking place at the pool! Mo was a pure lesbian, and at twenty five had had more than her share of lovers, but just the thought of being aro

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Margot knight
Literally the best couple ever those eyes are so damn hot too
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Sexy who will fuck me
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