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#193896 - The group of men has has become much smaller, But Diane's zeal to please along with all of these big hard black cocks is overpowering. Even he stares for a moment before embracing her. She grits her teeth at first trying not to let it get to her, but is quickly in tears and then sobs followed by pleading for him to stop! Her white bare bottom is now crimson when he finally stops, his hand lovingly rubs her soft sore buttocks and then descends down the crack of her ass and in between her legs coming up into her slit, he comments wow! she is really wet! As his fingers probe her cunt from behind she is now trembling and wants to lower her hands but quickly remembers she has been told to leave them on the wall and endures this groping until his fingers finally encircle her wet and very stimulated clitoris! In only a matter of moments until she erupts again into a very sinful, pleasurable and helpless orgasm.

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