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#316228 - Hank kissed her as we arrived , Kurt was busy in the kitchen getting dinner ready , later that night after dinner it was suggested that we get naked and have some fun. Next day they took us down to the stable to see the stallion,he was so cute and very black , Hank rubbed his coat and stroked his back , that got him to release his cock from his sheath and boy was it a huge cock for a small ponie , it had a huge bell head , Kurt , smiled , you want that Kim , yes please she begged . As we settled in they became very helpful and often had drinks and food so we could eat together , Brutus was always hovering around Kim Hank just used to tell him to go away, then one afternoon we were suning ourselves when Hank , Kurt and Brutus came back from the beach and Brutus just went straight for Kim's crouch , she never moved but slightly opened her legs and Brutus licked her inner thigh , Kurt smiled , you liked that didn't you , he asked ,my dog loves ladies .

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