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#182850 - ! She just couldn't wait to get out of the small Oklahoma town she was born and raised in, with nothing to do there but count the chickens and tumble weeds! Twenty years old and not a care in the world! Everyone said that Marie was pretty enough to be in the movies so she figured, Why not? It took two years of working in the diner to save enough money to make her move, and now the day had finally come and she was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! One of the things Marie had saved up for was a good used car, so she and her dad had looked all over until they found this cherry 1991 Mustang convertible. It was a van! A big red Ford Econoline conversion van!!! God, I hope they have some water, Marie thought! The big van pulled over just behind Marie's Mustang and a tall good looking young black man of about twenty five got out and walked up to her car. Only two hundred fifty miles left to L.

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Seto kaiba
Your looking so sweet
Ayaka kamisato
I feel like i know who that girl is