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#84806 - About midnight we made our way to bed all of us were still naked and I was pleased at the warm glow that I felt in my groin as I watched the girls asses as the staggered up the stairs, If truth were told I would have loved to have fucked my wife that night but she entered the main bedroom and closed the door, leaving Susan and I to use the spare room, as soon as we closed our door Susan pushed me onto the bed and manoeuvred into a 69 position and began to suck my dick to hardness as I lapped around her hot pussy lips and gently sucked on her clit, when I regained full hardness she swung around and lowered herself onto my hard dick, it slipped into her easily and she began to ride me, having already orgasmed twice I knew I would last a long time and I settled back to enjoy sucking on her tits as she rode my cock after some time she leaned forward and whispered in my ear asking if it was alright for her to be naughty to which I asked what she wanted and without replying she raised herse

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Cure melody
Ohh honey thank you so much
Sailor saturn | hotaru tomoe
Mmm love this sexy cutie
Minori watanabe
Lmao she sounded like a dogs chew toy
Takaki uno
Someone trying to fuck me like this