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#88494 - She said, to Doreen: I bet you'd enjoy having something hard sliding in there now wouldn't you? Doreen replied that she didn't want Brenda's vibrator inside her, she'd been promised a long session of Sapphic sex for her birthday and she was thoroughly enjoying herself eating Brenda's sex without any interruptions, thank you! Brenda replied that she rather thought that Doreen would enjoy having this inserted as it was a birthday surprise and anyway because Doreen had been promised as much sex as she could cope with, that was what she was going to get! At this point, I climbed gently onto the bed so that Doreen wouldn't feel any undue rocking. Brenda reached for and held my erection then commenced moving slowly backwards as I moved forwards with Doreen still unable to see me because Brenda's body was above her face, but finally Brenda was able to insert the head of my erection into the entrance to Doreen's vaginal passage. They were within easy reach of my fingers and

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