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#231669 - We came back to my old house and when our parents were gone, we screwed each other like there was no tomorrow in my tree house, like with ANNIE! Why couldn’t I get her out of my mind? ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE! I knew I had to fuck Annie, I wanted to make love with her so madly, I just wanted to ram my hard long cock in her, slide it in and out, make her moan, bring her to life with passion, to finger her, to lick her, to tease her, to rub her cunt, to live out the fantasy I knew her and I wanted but could have never finished! I have decided, this was a time to end this fantasy once and for all. I stuck my tongue in her again, and began eating her cunt, the animal inside me was out, and her pussy felt it. I teased her with it; I massaged her outer lips with my finger.

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