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#397550 - Now the mood has changed they had me dancing like a stripper and were hopping and hollering then Lynn produce some dollars and wanted to put them in my underwear they were the bikini type but she said I would have to give her a lap dance to earn them . Remember this is before the age of so many cell phones so we used snail mail and responded to all sending I sorry but not interested to the ones that we did not want to meet and we got a few we were interested a guy from New Jersey and a couple for our state about an hour away we sent a reply with our contact info and phone number asked for discretion and to have them ask only for me so our daughter would not get suspect. Now Toni was used to be out in public without any undergarments.

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Kenshi masaki
This takes post but disgust to a whole new level
Futaba kon
Adele balfette
Wish i had a woman like that
Sophie houjou
Lol best ending ever and remember guys sharing is caring
Koichi hirose
I would love to smother my face and cock in your ass
Ashley graham
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