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#151487 - D- Has Sonya given a tour of this house and Daisy says yes! Ok so tomorrow the maid will move you guys in the other Master suite that way you will have your own space and Sonya is already in my room every night and I have a large bed because I want all of us sleeping together although that may get crowded at times and the same rules apply you both just have two masters now which means you will have to keep us both happy although I don’t think that will be a problem since both of you love sex. Kathy- I don’t know if I can do this they both have big dicks I have done this with Master and Mistress with her strap-on but not with dicks this big. After our shower Daisy and I put on gowns and robes and I give Kathy her clothes that the maid washed and we head back down this time we go to the family room where I ask Kathy if she wants some food and she looks at her Master who tells her to go ahead.

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