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#104974 - The boys all got dressed and thanked me for letting them abuse my wife and asked if they could all do it again, I said any time you are here on the goldy give me a call I would be more than happy to accommodate their urges, Dwayne then handed me some more tablets and said I will see you tomorrow at he track. After the guys left I took some more photos of Diane’s laying there naked with all this sticky dried cum on her face and her pussy still full of cum, I could not resist so I reached down and stuck my four finger all the way in her pussy, WOW that felt so nice, they slipped straight in and then I started to go fast in and out of her and the slurping noises sounded so good, I still had my hard on so I thought she won’t let me give her anal that often so I shoved my cock straight up her Ass, it went in pretty smoothly and I came fairly quickly and the sensation was mind blowing my cum was now mixing with 6 other guys cum all because I let them use my wife as a fuck whore.

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