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#47023 - She was going to get fucked and not only fucked she was going to get fucked bestiality style and worse than that it going to be a random wild hog boar doin' the honors in her pussy today as just the thoughts of it made her pussy twitch, her guilts of it far laid to rest now!! She wanted Dick and not her husbands puny thing either she wanted a boar hog dick!! As just about as fast as he'd gone she was up now and thinking nothing more than what to wear to her personal breeding party a bra and panties would be that much more she'd have to worry about so she chose to merely grab a sundress and go without any bra and panties at all!! As she hurriedly left before her girls could see her knowing those two sleepy heads would sleep all damn day if no one awoke them or kept a fire under them. As Amie's once pleading cries now became more gruntal moans of pleasure as her body began to rock back and forth as the animal plowed he tongue deep and fast now taking every drop of he

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