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#373304 - Jason tied Jessica's hands behind her back as Jessica started to come to with a massive headache to see the naked girl standing over her smiling, looking around she also saw a man standing behind her and a large rock on the ground, What happened?, Why are my hands tied?, Why am I naked? Jessica asked still groggy and not sure of where she was, My name is Stacey, or as the town lotto is concerned Spitroast #187666 Stacey said looking into Jessica's eye's, That’s my brother Jason She added pointing to the man, Please tell me what's going on? Jessica asked tears rolling down her cheeks partly from the pain to the back of her head and from fear of her situation. There was just one thing left to do, Jason used his key to remove Stacey's slave collar and with little resistance snapped it around Jessica's neck, locked it in place and clicked a leash to the ring in the front, Now to answer your question, My number was called up in the towns meat lotte

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