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#260294 - She begins telling how she just walked in there forgetting that she was only wearing a sports bra and bike shorts. Then the guy up my ass began to cum and I had to push back to make sure he didn't come out so I took the other one out of my mouth and start to jerk him off but he got mad and pushed my head back on to his dick and said 'I'm going to cum in your mouth pretty lady' so I grab him by the balls and squeezed pulling him back out of my mouth and told him he won't be cumming anywhere near me. She then moans and tells me what a good job I;m doing and that she knows I'm enjoying it then tells me to stick my tongue up her ass as she begins applying pressure to my sack again then moans again and begins to finish her story about how a guy came up to buy her a drink but before she could decline some arrogant jerk came up and said to the guy not to wast his time that she was his.

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